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19 January 2016 @ 08:00 pm
This is a LJ community started in 2016 to share anything and everything about the art of dolls and miniatures. Whether it's fashion dolls, ball-jointed dolls, miniature clay charms, rag dolls, doll houses -- anything goes as long as it's about some form of dolls, miniatures, or both!

You are free to post photos of your own things, write discussion posts about the hobby, share links to other people's creations (proper credit always required), ask questions about relevant topics, post tutorials, and so forth. Simply read the rules before joining and posting! Enjoy your visit, and have fun!
20 February 2016 @ 03:27 am
Sabine Timm is an artist and photographer who takes fun pictures of little collections of miniature items. i don't know if the miniatures are mostly scavenged, or if she makes some of them from scratch, but the resulting arrangements are very cute either way.

click here for her Flickr (or the "miniature interior" album here), and here is an article with a little information about her.

(pictures above are from her Flickr gallery.)
18 February 2016 @ 06:28 pm
Althea Crome creates tiny miniature knitting, and her work can be viewed on her website: http://www.bugknits.com/

(pictures above are all from her site.)

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18 February 2016 @ 06:13 pm
Please read these rules before posting and commenting in this community!

If you are concerned that someone is breaking the rules, or you have questions about the rules, feel free to comment on this post or PM the mod (joltkun). Your username will not be shared with whoever is breaking the rules -- comments on this post are screened for this reason. (That means your comments on this post will be hidden, but the mod can see them and choose to make them visible if necessary.)


#1. All posts must somehow relate to dolls, miniatures, or this community itself (such as mod posts). Making a post here about sewing in general is not allowed, but making a post about sewing in miniature in general, or sewing doll clothes in general, is allowed.

#2. You are free to post photos of your own things, write discussion posts about the hobby, share links to other people's creations (proper credit always required), ask questions about relevant topics, and so forth. As long as it follows the rules, any type of post is fine.

#3. Comments made on posts are not moderated in the same way as the posts, and only need to follow the rules about good behaviour (see further down). Feel free to socialise with your fellow members without worries.

#4. Any type of dolls are allowed here, be it a homemade rag doll, a Bratz doll, a vintage Barbie, or a $1000 BJD. The only criteria is that it must be a doll of some sort. An artist mannequin, for example, counts as a doll if it is used in a doll context (being used as its own subject rather than for drawing reference).

#5. Likewise, any type of miniatures are allowed, whether it's 1:2 scale or 1:100 scale, and whether it's a cheap plastic keychain or an expensive handmade object. The criteria is that it must be a miniature of some sort.

#6. Plushies and other toys are only allowed if they fall within either "doll" or "miniature" categories. For example, a dressable, poseable plushie might be close enough to dolls to be accepted, or count as a miniature. This rule will be inclusive for now, but may be refined in the future. If you want to post a lot of non-doll, non-miniature things, maybe this is not the community you want.

#7. Recasted dolls and recast-positive posts are not allowed. Recasts are illegal copies of dolls; here's a thread on the Dollchemy forum that might help those unsure of what this means: "Recast vs. bootleg vs. knockoff: What's the difference? [CN: doll nudity]".

#8. Legal knockoffs and imitations are allowed, provided that they are in fact legal. Says Wikipedia: "A "knockoff" is a colloquial term which describes products that copy or imitate the physical appearance of other products, but which do not copy the brand name or logo of a trademark. They may, or may not, be illegal under trademark laws." Essentially, if you have a fake Barbie that Mattel would be able to sue the other company for, they are not allowed here. However, if they are a legal lookalike, such as the Steffi dolls, they are allowed. Feel free to open up community discussion about this rule.

#9. Posts only made to promote items you are selling are not allowed -- but you are allowed to add links to your Etsy/Ebay/sales posts/etc along with your regular posts. For example, if you are sharing progress pictures of a miniature craft that you are also selling, or if you want to let people know you also sell the clothes your dolls are wearing. This is not a sales community, it is a hobby community.

#10. Make use of the community's existing tags when you make a post. A post with photos of your dolls, for example, should at the very least be tagged with "dolls" and the type of doll (such as "BJD", "Monster High", or "Pullip"). Do not use redundant tags or tags that don't much describe the content ("#doll #dolls #YOLO #pretty #kawaii"). If you need tagging help, mention that in your post, or comment on this post, or PM the mod (joltkun).


#1. You may be warned or kicked out of the community if you do not follow the rules. Of course, minor things (such as forgetting to tag your post) that are not serious problems will not get you kicked out, and you will always be warned first. If you are having trouble following the community rules, you could instead use your personal journal or create your own community.

#2. Be nice, no bullying or fighting, treat others the way you want to be treated. If you have nothing nice to say, it might be better not to say anything at all. No form of bullying or harassment is allowed.

#3. Discussions and disagreements are not the same as fighting; do discuss, but be civil and respectful. People's taste and ideas are different, and this is perfectly fine.

#4. Do not spam the community. Post at most 3 posts per day in the community (from you, the same user). Save the rest for another day, make additional edits to your first posts, or post in your personal journal instead.

#5. When posting more than 1 big picture or 2 small ones, please put the rest under an LJ-cut, or make small thumbnails that link to the originals. Try to keep your image sizes reasonable, and make use of either LJ-cuts or thumbnails to keep the community looking tidy. This is, however, more of a recommendation than a rule.

#6. When posting a long text (such as a tutorial), make use of LJ-cuts to keep the community looking tidy. You might want to describe the tutorial before the LJ-cut, and keep the actual tutorial under it. This is, however, more of a recommendation than a rule.

#7. You must always give proper credit and sourcing when sharing pictures, texts or other content that does not belong to you. Link to the website, blog, gallery, or social pages where the author can be found; preferrably, link to the page where they shared the content originally. Artists lose potential customers and contacts if you don't credit properly.

#8. Supporting theft (including art theft, copyright infringement) is not allowed. However, discussion of the BJD recast problem, for example, is allowed as long as it's not in a positive light (because it is illegal).


The rules may change or be refined in the future, and will then be effective from the time of the change.